Unsolicited from a student of mine:  

"Good afternoon David: I would like to say that I have been very involved in pursuing photography for 50 years. I have taken classes on line and in person from numerous, very talented photographers and of course studied the art form from a history standpoint.

Of all the websites I have visited and all of the photographic magazines, books, galleries, etc., etc. I have seen, I think you are among the top 1% of great photographers. Your work shows you are a master at the craft. It is a honor to know you. Bert"


This unique service provides individual coaching on a wide range of photography topics.  You get the answers you need in the shortest amount of time and lowest cost.  Suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced photographers.

Topics range from

--equipment selection

--camera techniques, controls & settings

--post-processing and printing  

Subjects include

--travel photography including safaris


--wildlife, and


-- includes 30-days email questions support

We work with you at your level on your schedule

Priced at $100 per hour, two hour minimum  

Please use contact form to ask your questions or arrange an appointment.  You will send questions and other information before the session for preparation. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Cruise Lectures

I have over 15 year's experience on multiple cruise lines as a guest speaker on many subjects.

--Destinations in Europe, The Caribbean and Asia

-- Special Interest Topics, including Famous Photographers of the World and Their Stories

-- "How To" Series of Taking Better Travel Pictures using your phone, compact camera and Digital Single Lens Reflex and Mirrorless Cameras--all brands and models.

The Video (below) is from an actual cruise lecture in April, 2017 on Celebrity Cruise Lines, heavily edited.

Cruise Audition Edit

Zoo Walk-Around Workshop Video

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